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Dear Hamburg team
can we have our first meeting to discuss this?


Hi Dhaval,
at the moment we are sorting out internally, how to define an open source & open data approach that is building on ROADS which can be implemented inside the SCORE context. By doing so we also have a look at Monithor (@timvanachte) to see if there are commonalities.

Before hand we still can inform you about ROADS in a telephone call.

Best regards


Thanks Henning for the update. Our new staff working on SCORE @Bhupesh has done some work in his PhD that has similarities with what we assume ROADS is about so it will be good to discuss this on the phone call. Please suggest some date/timings if you can via email. Thanks Dhaval @Bhupesh


@dhaval and @HD_Hamburg to make it easier for you to meet and discuss online, we have created a ROADS appear.in room.

Feel free to use it whenever you want! :slight_smile:


Dear all,

in preparation for the partnership meeting in Aarhus we have prepared a short agenda for the working table ROADS.

Henning & SamanehROADS_Working_Table_Agenda.pdf (299.9 KB)


Thanks @SBK_Hamburg. For our part, it will help if you share 1 or 2 pager on the project overview asap/before the meeting so we are better prepared to discuss our potential contribution.
Dhaval @Bhupesh


Dear Dhaval,

attached a presentation on ROADS which gives an overview on the main project.

How to use ROADS in SCORE is still not clarified. Hopefully we will have more ideas about it after the sessions in Aarhus.

Best regards,

Telcon Melbourne 23.08.18_compressed.pptx (3.9 MB)


A short sum up from the very good break out session in Aarhus yesterday:

  • We had a good Exchange about the similar but different Systems in Gothenborg, Aberdeen and Hamburg.
  • We identified to very interessting aditions to the existing Systems:
  1. Implementing a 3D-Modell-Layer into the Systems
  2. Adding a decision Support Modell to the System which is building on machine learning

Next steps:

  • Hamburg will arrange a telephone conference between the experts from Bradford University, Gothenborg, Aberdeen and Hamburg to discuss this possible Features as soon as possible.

@Claus @Boris @dhaval: Is there a possibility to rename this thread into something like “roads discussion” or so? Then we could just Keep using it.


Hi all,

as agreed in Aarhus we want to arrange a call to discuss the idea of integrating a decision support model into ROADS/Monithor/Traffik.nu/etc.

For anyone who wants to join this call, please mark your availability in this Doodle List as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Hi Henning,

Have you agreed on preferred date and time for your next call?


Dear @Juliette,

the call is set for the 22nd of May, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm.

best regards,


Short review of the telephone conference from today:

We had a very interesting discussion about implementing a decision Support tool to a roadwork coordination software like ROADS or traffik.nu. It was laid out that we tackle a complex multidimensional problem, which has to be researched further. For example it has to be examined which data sets are needed, which decisions can be made by KI or which decisions has to be made by humans. Nevertheless everybody was interested to go on with this challenge/solution.

We therefore agreed to have a physical meeting in Hamburg as soon as possible, preferable in June so Jonas good take part.


The physical Meeting about ROADS in Hamburg will take place on the 27th of June. If anyone else is interessted to join. To hesitate to contact Samaneh or me.


I would like to ask you if whenever is possible to send me a draft agenda incl. participants list as well as a short invitation for @jonas.malmryd to join the meeting in Hamburg. I trust I will need this material when reporting to our FLC in July.

Thank you & wish you a good meeting on the 27th of June :slight_smile:


Hi @evdoxia.kouraki
Attached you should find a draft Agenda with a list of expected participatiants. Is that enough for you or do you Need more?

SCORE project meeting of the solution working group.pdf (170.1 KB)


Perfect! Thank you David :slight_smile:


Short summary of the working table in Bergen:

  • Short Status update to everybody
  • preperation of Workshop in November:
    – provide test data to Bradford University asap
    – 3-4 experts would be good; they don’t have to prepare anything
    – ROADS table and Big Screen are needed
    – Hamburg will check, if some ULL-Questions should be intregrated in the Workshop
    – Gothenburg will be able to attend the Meeting via Skype

@evdoxia.kouraki @malinstoldt
Unfortunatley the expert Workshop we planned for the 27th of October has to be delayed, as we have to resolve some data issues before that Meeting. We will inform you as soon as we have a new date.


@HD_Hamburg @evdoxia.kouraki
Hi David,
As you probably know, Jonas Malmryd is on parental leave and will be back around Feb/March 2020. Unfortunately, we don’t have the possibility to send anyone else to participate in this activity right now. It is still good to know how the ROADS Project is moving on, so thank you for posting this information on the SCORE Community.
Kind regards,