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ROADS - Partner meeting April 2020


Hi everyone,

Please find the presentation + agenda for the Partner Meeting via the link provided down below.

• ROADS update link:

• ROADS agenda virtual table link:

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Can you share an example of an envisioned algorithmic decision or a human decision supported by the machine in Roads?


I would be also interested in seeing an example.


Hi Tim,

For example right now construction sites have a specific start & end times. An automated rule prohibits the end user to plan a construction site which would overlap spatial and timewise.

How we can aid the user and automate decision making is exactly what we’re working on right now…

Hope this helps?


Wrap up of the ROADS working table:

Aarhus, Bax & Company, Bradford University, Ghent, Hamburg

  • Thorben gives a short introduction to the topic
  • The idea of this solution, to build an open source Decision Support System (DSS) for a Roads Work coordination Software like ROADS, MoniTHOR or trafiken.nu was emphasized
  • Ghent are generally interessted in following and adapting the DSS to monithor
  • Bhupesh explaines the approach and the next steps Bradford University wants to take to develope the DSS
  • A fruitful discussion of how the rules can be extracted from the experts took place

Next steps:

  • Foster the Exchange between Hamburg and Bradford University so that Bradford University understands the data and the decision rules
  • expert Workshop between Hamburg and Bradford to extract the decision rules from the experts
  • Share the Information from this activities on the SCORE community
  • Keep the discussion running with the interessted following cities (e.g. Gothenburg, Ghent, Aarhus) on how and when to integrate them into the solution process
  • It was agreed that code and algorithm wise, Bhupesh will maintain a common repository and a roads implementation like it is done for IOT Registry in SCORE. A common one and a local implementation

Questions and additions are very welcome :slight_smile: