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SCORE Developer Sprint in Amsterdam


As discussed in Aarhus I’d like to follow up on the plan to have a joint developer sprint in Amsterdam.


Hands-on work on IoT Registry and Drukte Radar + discuss how transnational collaborative development process can continue effectively afterwards


  • Amsterdam: @Jaccobrouwer, @Pepijnhofstede, JanJaap
  • Gent: @Jefwillems and maybe @timvanachte and @HansF
  • Aarhus: @turegjorup and maybe @Mikkel
  • Hamburg: @nicole.schubbe you mentioned someone from Hamburg might also be able to join?


Jacco suggested a full week, as this is the typical cycle for a development sprint in Amsterdam. Based on discussions in Aarhus the middle two weeks of July or first week of August seemed to suit most people. I think Gent had a preference to it in July in order to use the Drukte Radar during the Gentse Feesten

I’ve gone ahead and set up a doodle - https://doodle.com/poll/mpr8p4hpp39mk29a

Exciting times!


Since Hamburg is only follower, we would send somebody for one day, once the Agenda is more or less clear. So please feel free to fix the date without Hamburg and keep us informed!


Hi all, I’ve closed the doodle for 8-12 July. If anyone else would like to join, do let us know!

More updates to follow!


Please note the colleagues from Data & Information Ghent are also highly interested in joining for the data governance and data science part. Possible role: bring new datasets, prepare data for analysis and increase dataset quality, help developers focus on the actual current demands collected by policy and operations, test and validate frontend & backend functionalities… @Justine @JoranVD feel free to add.


Hi all,

Just to keep you informed - you can find the agenda for the sprint here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mHX8IAG_0eWDVbRU24Z9dwslP8fHqcV0N8KYy3zz1vU/edit

Looking forward to it!


Hi all

After the Developer Sprint in Amsterdam, we wanted to capture our results, findings, general impressions and next steps, and share these with all SCORE partners. @Jaccobrouwer and myself wrote a document reporting about the Developer Sprint in Amsterdam.

A snippet:

Developers from Ghent, Aarhus and Amsterdam gathered for the first SCORE DevWeek in Amsterdam in July 2019


Co-development? Hands-on, head first!

The goal: bring together our developers in the same room, and focus for a week on development. We took up the task of consolidating effective co-development workflows, aligning processes on the practical, code and infrastructure level. To make open source work better for smart cities, the aim was to work extensively together on the SCORE applications, prototypes and components we’re building for our cities (…)

View the PDF

We should definitely look how we can repeat this concept further in SCORE, I can testify that it boosts co-development across cities.

Thanks to all that contributed to this initiative!


Invitation & Save the date: City of Ghent and Digipolis invite all SCORE co-developers to a new Developer Sprint Week in Ghent, March 2020.

See this thread for more information.


Well done and Thank you for sharing this information Tim!
Do you trust that during the next DevWeek we could incorporate the Living Lab perspective also?
We can of course discuss about this and decide durign the meeting in Bergen!



This week we’re calling for all partners’ preferences for Developer & Design Sprint Ghent 2020.

As shared by @Juliette earlier today:

Dear SCORE partners,

Our colleagues from Ghent City and Digipolis Ghent are preparing a Developer & Design Sprint week and need your opinion to finalise the agenda and make sure each attendee gets the best out of the Sprint!

Take this opportunity and answer their (short) survey here before Friday 6th December, end of day.

Kind reminder that the Developer and Design Sprint will take place on 16th-20th March 2020 in Ghent, Belgium, more information available here.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!