A partial archive of https://score.community/ as of Monday March 04, 2024.

SCORE talks


Dear All,
I am in the process of talking to all SCORE partners on big and small project related issues. It’s been great to actually meet you and I hope for a good future collaboration. I’m just a few talks short and after that I hope to turn this experience into some kind of blog og newspost.

  • Instagram takeover is up and running,

  • Blog and Vlog takeover is getting started,

  • Facebook page is up, but not much activity yet since we still need to have some more content-relevant events/publications/posts to share and put up.

  • Website is up and running, we are working to create an appealing visual identity for SCORE and some nice content.

  • Trying to find the optimal format for a newsletter of sorts.

If you have any input, communications-wise, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The sun is shining here in Aarhus, it’s 20 degrees - this time Summer really is around the corner!:butterfly::strawberry::beach_umbrella:

Aarhus University team