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Signalen - Partner meeting April 2020


You are welcome to post below minutes from the working table and any comments/questions you might have!


After long talks we’ve had a developer meeting two weeks ago. The collaboration needs to be taking place but we have good momentum.

Co-development can happen when priorities between the Amsterdam team and the vng team are the same. When we set up a backlog these issues will be worked on first because they will be of benefit to all.

Signalen now focuses on public space in Amsterdam. Citizens can use signalen to let the municipality know about complaints they have about trash, broken streetlights, drunken people etc.

It’s been worked on for the past 2 years, started of by a thesis made by Maarten Sukel form the university of Amsterdam. Maarten works on and off with the development team in Amsterdam.

Thijs, sr developer is really excited about the co-operation. There is of course a fear of slowing down the main project in Amsterdam but that could be the fear of cold water.

In the follow up of the complaints every department had it’s own way of dealing with the questions.

First things to work on are changing Amsterdam styler in front end, long in and such in the back end.

It’s hard to get more machine learning in, which is wanted. The value of machine learning would be of benefit to other municipalities too, even if they have not the same kind of data to enrich.

You need someone to organize a project like this and get all different departments in line and look to other things than just code.

All questions go through machine learning.

Next to all issues regarding coding you’ll have to deal with policy making and especially with legal issues. These take time but are necessary in order to get everybody aligned.


Hi all!

Just to let you know there will be a Signalen community day on the 22nd of March! More info here. It will most likely be all in Dutch. Maybe see some of you there?

The website, in English, and has also been upgraded! :slight_smile: https://signalen.org/en/


Thanks for sharing. I’ve relayed to contacts in District09/Ghent that might be interested in the meetup.


@claus @Hein A business-IT analist from District09 will be joining Signalen community day.