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Slack invite for realtime chat


Developers like to chat : https://join.slack.com/t/KILLEDforGITTER

Gitter does markdown, how cool is that?


Nice :slight_smile:

Both Claus and I have also made Slacks. He under SCORE-WPL.slack.com and I as SCORE-PROJECT.slack.com

However we’ve still been discussing whether Gitter might better serve our needs as it doesn’t require some secret signup link. https://gitter.im/score-project


Gitter FTW! \0/ (this string is added for the 20 char limit https://i.imgur.com/Ck5Hwmp.png )


Old slack, it’s dead jim.


Great, I’ve added a link to the Gitter to the top of this site, so we can get to it easily.


I’ve added a little section on “Why No Slack” to the FAQ.

Although we love Slack, we think that in this stage a Slack is the wrong medium for intra-SCORE communications at this point.

We have a Chat (just click the :left_speech_bubble: button in the header) for social chatter and banter, however, if you have any real questions or important things to say, please post a topic on the community. This gives people who might not always have time to be on top of everything the ability to still stay informed. In addition to this this makes it easier to find conversations later on.

In addition to this I’ve used the Gitter sidecar to add a widget to the community site.


Is the no-slack, yes-gitter mainly for the WP4-5 people or for the whole consortium?
I’m fine with both to be honest, but I feel Gitter is for most a YAP (Yet Another Platform) that won’t be used.
Then again, I don’t think chat will be that used in EU Consortia situations as it is not day-to-day stuff.


The foresight guy strikes again … shall we just move to slack ?


slack is in my routine so i’d prefer slack


In the end I don’t really think the platform matters that much, however I do think it is just a few partners for whom Slack is natural (albeit the vocal ones)

The question I’d have here is mainly: What are we going to use Slack for?

This because I believe that we should opt for Slack or similar only if we believe that it will provide a material benefit to the community that is not served by this forum.


I discussed it with my colleagues @HansF and @timvanachte just now, and I think there will be overlap between Slack and Score.community anyway. I would move to Slack when the Score.community forum was being used to heavily to create and oversight, but that’s not nearly the case.

Another reason could be integrations, eg. for our local team it would be interesting to connect our Trello to a specific channel to see Ghent tasks being brought up, or getting finished. Same for GitHub commits for our developers. Discourse is lacking in that department, only having a few integrations like chat and patreon plugins but that’s about it.

I’d wait with setting up more communication channels, until the need arises.


Hey everyone!

What an ancient thread!
So, with the corona threat, it’s impossible for the developer sprint next week to continue with everyone together here in Ghent. This means the developers need another way of communicating. That’s why i was thinking of bringing this thread back to life. Should we use the slack or gitter with some solution specific channels next week?


I would opt to revive and test one of these Slacks by @Boris and @claus, and if the developer teams like it keep using them afterwards for further remote SCORE code development coordination?