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Smart Park


Hello everyone,
Bradford in conjunction with Dordrecht and Gothenburg are proposing another challenge/solution. The Solution will also be delivered by the University of Bradford. It would also be great to have the support of Ghent and Bergen.

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Here are the notes of the 1st meeting.

It was made clear from the outset, that we will all need to be very careful not to double count/claim any European Funding.

Adrian explained the reason for the meeting, which is essentially a desire to create a new SCORE challenge, which will complement the Life Critical project. The partners within the SCORE and Life critical project overlap, with Dordrecht and Bradford being the partners, and Ghent with Bergen following the project.

The focus for the Bradford SCORE team would be to advise and support the purchase of IoT technology to replicate the IMEC devices purchased to monitor the park in Dordrecht, the sharing of the data as open data and to replicate the open source Dordrecht dashboard.

Adrian and Kim had previously spoken about a SMART park project and had co-created a scoping document. However, Gothenburg municipality, at that time, had chosen not to pursue the potential SCORE challenge. Again however, Kim would like to be involved in the Challenge as an observer and to feedback as appropriate to Gothenburg municipality. It is recognised however that his skills and knowledge will be very useful throughout this proposed SCORE challenge.

Melina explained that she was in the process of creating a similar SCORE challenge to that proposed by Bradford but this would be more neighbourhood based than an actual park. Using IoT sensors to improve gardens.

Kim talked about Citizen engagement e.g. how a citizen could “follow” a specialist gardener to improve their garden or another park. How we could use IoT to utilise resources more wisely e.g. only watering when really necessary or cutting the grass when it’s really needed, not to a simple regime. How we need to engage with the community e.g. what do they want from the park/neighbourhood. How we should keep solutions simple.

There was a discussion about how we could look at qualitative and well as quantitative data from the Citizens.

There was a discussion about the dashboard replication. Rik is going to ask what open source software the application was built on and what is the necessary infrastructure. Bradford will then investigate how it can replicate this dashboard.

There was discussion about replicating the SCORE QR Code application into this project.

From the discussion, it was agreed that there was potential for the challenge and how it could fulfil both SCORE and Life Critical requirements. We would look at this challenge very simplistically as taking the Life Critical monitoring (predominantly carried out by IMEC), replicate the monitoring in Bradford Municipality using IoT, use that knowledge to replicate back into the Dordrecht neighbourhood, not forgetting the dashboard and open data replication.


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