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Smart Park


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Hello everyone,
Bradford in conjunction with Dordrecht and Gothenburg are proposing another challenge/solution. The Solution will also be delivered by the University of Bradford. It would also be great to have the support of Ghent and Bergen.

I have a bad feeling that this isn’t going to appear under the Challenge Working Groups Topic. If it doesn’t is someone able to move it :slight_smile:

Here are the notes of the 1st meeting.

It was made clear from the outset, that we will all need to be very careful not to double count/claim any European Funding.

Adrian explained the reason for the meeting, which is essentially a desire to create a new SCORE challenge, which will complement the Life Critical project. The partners within the SCORE and Life critical project overlap, with Dordrecht and Bradford being the partners, and Ghent with Bergen following the project.

The focus for the Bradford SCORE team would be to advise and support the purchase of IoT technology to replicate the IMEC devices purchased to monitor the park in Dordrecht, the sharing of the data as open data and to replicate the open source Dordrecht dashboard.

Adrian and Kim had previously spoken about a SMART park project and had co-created a scoping document. However, Gothenburg municipality, at that time, had chosen not to pursue the potential SCORE challenge. Again however, Kim would like to be involved in the Challenge as an observer and to feedback as appropriate to Gothenburg municipality. It is recognised however that his skills and knowledge will be very useful throughout this proposed SCORE challenge.

Melina explained that she was in the process of creating a similar SCORE challenge to that proposed by Bradford but this would be more neighbourhood based than an actual park. Using IoT sensors to improve gardens.

Kim talked about Citizen engagement e.g. how a citizen could “follow” a specialist gardener to improve their garden or another park. How we could use IoT to utilise resources more wisely e.g. only watering when really necessary or cutting the grass when it’s really needed, not to a simple regime. How we need to engage with the community e.g. what do they want from the park/neighbourhood. How we should keep solutions simple.

There was a discussion about how we could look at qualitative and well as quantitative data from the Citizens.

There was a discussion about the dashboard replication. Rik is going to ask what open source software the application was built on and what is the necessary infrastructure. Bradford will then investigate how it can replicate this dashboard.

There was discussion about replicating the SCORE QR Code application into this project.

From the discussion, it was agreed that there was potential for the challenge and how it could fulfil both SCORE and Life Critical requirements. We would look at this challenge very simplistically as taking the Life Critical monitoring (predominantly carried out by IMEC), replicate the monitoring in Bradford Municipality using IoT, use that knowledge to replicate back into the Dordrecht neighbourhood, not forgetting the dashboard and open data replication.


Hello @RikHeinen sorry to pester but is there any news on the dashboard e.g. what software was used and any other infrastructure requirements :slight_smile:


The Smart Park working table at yesterday’s Partner meeting showed some promising overlaps between existing city park projects in Gothenburg, Dordrecht and Bradford. In particular there seems to be a requirement to measure how well used the parks are and Ghent’s Crowdflow initiative looks very promising.
… and of course, dashboards: :grinning:
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Smart Park Table

Syd Simpson introduced the discussion and provided a presentation on the smart park proposal.

Berry Gersonius from Dordrecht provided a presentation of the smart park in Dordrecht.

Both presentations will be made available.

Eva provided a discussion on the smart park initiative in Gothenburg https://www.johannebergsciencepark.com/hallbara-smarta-parker/projekt.

There are obviously similarities between the Bradford and Dordrecht park but there are many similarities with the Gothenburg project.

Eva offered the opportunity to test devices that will be used either in Bradford or Dordrecht in the Gothenburg park. Adrian to share the project link with the Councils Parks and Landscape department.

Justine Ottevaere discussed the crowd flow project and how that could help the smart park project to count the park users. Adrian to arrange a meeting with Justine.

On a bit of a tangent Bradford needs to share the drone footage of the road junctions with Justine and Stevan.




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This is a wiki, feel free to edit it and continue the conversation about Smart Park

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Could you sent me the Smart Park PPT you presented during the partner meeting? Seems that I cannot find it at Google Drive SCORE folder. Thank you! /Eva


Hi Eva,

Apologies I hadn’t uploaded them.
The Life Critical presentations are now in the Working Tables folder on the Google Drive :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I’ve recently circulated an e-mail to Dordrecht, Bergen and Ghent but I thought it might be worth sharing some of the contents with you :slight_smile:

Within the SCORE project, Bradford have now formally created a SMART Park challenge, which is to replicate the monitoring activities in Wielwijk park implemented by Dordrecht as part of the Life Critical project, into Horton Park in Bradford.

The challenge is to investigate how the SCORE project could compliment the Life Critical project monitoring activities but with a limited budget to:-

· Monitor the park e.g. provision of air quality monitoring and open dashboard solutions.

· Provide baseline data.

· How many people use the park and when.

· Assess if the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) have an impact on the Park? Investigation between the 2018 and the projected 2022 air quality models.

· Is there any existing air quality data that the project can utilise for their baseline, can we make the data open data?

· The Bradford Life Critical project team would use the data to assist in the delivery of the Life Critical project.

Possible SCORE innovations in providing monitoring solutions for this project can be readily replicated with SCORE partner Dordrecht who lead the Life Connect project and potentially Gothenburg partners who have similar ‘smart park’ initiative. However, both Ghent and Bergen who are also part of the Life Critical project and the SCORE project could replicate the solution for their SMART park(s).

The University of Bradford have been heavily involved in the research, delivery and implementation of the sensors along with the development of an open source, open data platform to share the data.

Within the last few weeks it’s become apparent that the University have made substantial progress and we would really like to share that with all of you.

We were also thinking about:-

· Linking this to the SCORE partner meeting in Gothenburg 22nd to 24th of February e.g. visit to one of the Gothenburg SMART parks. The agenda for the meeting still needs to be agreed but we have asked if this would be possible.

I’m also going to propose an online meeting in the New Year, so that the University of Bradford can share their experiences “warts and all” (just in case the new COVID variant has us all locked down again). The meeting would hopefully cover:-

· Presentations from Bradford, Dordrecht and Gothenburg about their SMART Parks.

· How do we exploit the overlap can we replicate?

· Compare devices and methodologies transnationally.

· Beyond SCORE and into Life Critical but are there other projects.

We hope the Life Critical project will provide a “platform” and opportunities to replicate other SCORE solutions e.g. QR Codes, Fixed Point Photography.


Hello everyone,
I hope the Christmas preparations are going well :slight_smile:

For those of you that are interested I’ve created a doodle poll https://doodle.com/poll/7kuguignakdb4s8v for the proposed Online Smart Park meeting  Please please vote and we can choose the most popular date :slight_smile:

I think we are good to go for presentations from Bradford, Dordrecht and Gothenburg about their SMART Parks, big thank you to Eva, Berry and Dhaval :slight_smile:

In addition, I think we are good to go for a City to City learning but we need to mindful of COVID. I’ll pick this up after the New Year when we hopefully know more about the variant.

I hope you all have a good weekend and don’t forget to vote :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
Thank you to everyone who voted we really appreciate it.

There wasn’t a perfect time/date so we have chosen the 9th of February at 14:00 to 16:00 UK time . I’ll send out a meeting request later today.

Can Eva, Berry and Dhaval please confirm that they are ok to attend and present for between 10 to 20 mins?

Just a quick reminder that the meeting is so that the University of Bradford can share their experiences “warts and all” for the Horton Park park. The meeting should hopefully cover:-
• Presentations from Bradford, Dordrecht and Gothenburg about their SMART Parks.
• How do we exploit the overlap can we replicate?
• Compare devices and methodologies transnationally.
• Beyond SCORE and into Life Critical but are there other projects.

If you would like to add anything adding please let me know :slight_smile: