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Taxonomy Manager – Fact sheet


Hi working group partners,
@Vbyrne @michelle @dhaval

To enable coordination and communication between the working groups and partners, there is now a factsheet for each solution working group.
Can you please fill in what you are working on ( as lead, co-developer or follower ) in the fact sheet format that we adopted? Thanks @timvanachte for filling in the sections for Ghent and Digipolis.
It is a very short exercise, and important for everyone to get an overview on what SCORE groups are doing.

Here is the link:



Hi @michelle @Mikkel @turegjorup @dhaval

We are still missing input from Aarhus and Bradford University concerning the Linked Open Data Taxonomy Manager solution. Please provide your objectives, intentions, contributions and comments directly in the fact sheet before the end of this week so we can define the next steps.

Fact sheet here:

Thank you

Cc @Avi_Amsterdam @h.niesing @JoranVD @Justine