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Template for Reports


Hi @brynskov!

My name is Merit Kaal and I am working together with @evdoxia.kouraki on WP5 to create guide for testing solutions in living labs.
We wonder if there are any templates for reports that we need to use? Or are there any other requirements that we need to follow? Also, are the publications of the project (for example this guide) going to be public, so that also those who are not part of the project can read it?

All the best,
Merit & Eva.


Hej @Janne !

Could you send us a report template including SCORE logo, Interreg etc. that we can use for WP5 report ?

Thank you in advance!



Yes. I will attach it here :slight_smile: Just ignore the questions, if they don’t make sense in your context. Presentation of solutions_SCORE.docx (528.8 KB)