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The journey of the suitcase


As I have mentioned before, we (at Aarhus University) are taking the suitcase to the IoT Week Public Expo, where we are going to showcase it to the public. I was wondering if you have any ideas inout on how to make the more interactive to engage with the people coming by. I’m only looking for input on how to communicate the suitcase as we don’t have time and capacity to add more stuff than what we have already planned in the suitcase.

It will mainly be people with very little knowledge of IoT eg. school classes. We do not have a lot of space for this - basically just a table with the suitcase.

An example could be - asking them to suggest what we can measure with sensors to make the city a better and more sustainable place and put it in a mailbox (or a mini-suitcase) or something like that?

I am very interested in your input especially the living lab experts @evdoxia.kouraki and @eva.hellberg and @klantto

And all of you that are coming for IoT-Week should definitely pay the Public Expo and the smart city in a suitcase a visit!



Great news @Janne !

Since most of the visitors will not have knowledge of IoT, I would agree that the question you suggested would be right. You can ask them what we can measure with sensors to make the city better and more sustainable but also how they would like this info to be visualized/presented with this suitcase?

I would suggest to use https://www.mentimeter.com/ in order to get the answers from the visitors. It is an effective and interactive way to collect responses from the participants and visualize them in real time. If you have a screen you can use during the event to show the answers from the visitors would have been really nice I think :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions, @eva.hellberg and @klantto ?


Ask questions like: what is iot?
Do you know of any iot applications / uses?
Where would iot help you / your famly?
How could this suitcase help you explain how iot works in you school, job or friends?
How would you like to help?
And like Evdoxia said, use menti so you can easily store and show the result live.
Ill think on it a bit more and try to give you more inout. Also talk to @Mikkel and @brynskov



Hi Janne,

I would invite people to “touch” the sensors. Especially for IoT week, I would expect other exhibitors to present fency sensor technology. Our “unique selling point” with the suitcase could be proximity to the citizens, to explain what sensors can and cannot and to answer their questions. This could be interesting for other Cities as well as companys to commuicate, what they are doing.

I like the mentimeter idea.

Best regards from Hamburg


Hi again,

Thank you very much for your input. I am looking into the possibilities now. For now, we would like to carve a text in the upper part of the suitcase - and then having the Mentimeter on a separate screen on the side.

Here is the text, we would suggest inside of the suitcase:

SCORE - Smart Cities + Open Data Re-use

This is Aarhus. Or, is it? It might be Hamburg, or Bergen or Gothenburg. It is a city. Your city. Or my city. All the same, yet entirely different. Facing the same challenges. Mobility, air quality, flooding, crowded spaces. A constant flow of people, data (and sometimes water) everywhere. People creating data. People using data. And people reusing data.

What is your city’s challenge?

…and then the description of the project, that will be part of the exhibition as well.

SCORE is an Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) project with nine cities - Amsterdam, Aarhus, Aberdeen, Bergen, Bradford, Dordrecht, Gent, Gothenburg and Hamburg - in which cities co-define shared challenges for improved municipal services. Urban data is unlocked and made interoperable between cities, following best-practice for data sharing and privacy. SCORE uses an agile software development approach for open source solutions that (re)-uses data to improve public service delivery. These innovations can then be re-used freely by other cities and regions.


Let me know, if you have any input. Preferably by the end of today :slight_smile: