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Traffic Flow


Many cities are looking for ways to optimise traffic flows. The challenge is to make innovative cost-effective use of existing infrastructure and capabilities through improved analytics and data reuse.

Considering different approaches to accommodate regulatory variation(s) across Europe to generate potential approach(s) to this challenge.

There is already interest from Hamburg, potential interest from Bergen, Aberdeen, Bradford University in this challenge which can be found here.

There are a number of ongoing Solutions that address aspects of this challenge e.g. GeoNetBake. However this challenge will hopefully deliver further solutions or inform other challenges/solutions e.g. Air Quality

If you would like any additional information please contact us.

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Hi Adrian,

thanks fo opening this Group and filling the solution template. I made some small changes to it regarding the Hamburg part.

We are very interested in finding some either small or big solution optimizing the traffic flow with the help of the data we are getting from different sensors and Projects.

Looking Forward to the call on the 4th of September. If someone else would like to join, just message me.