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Travel Time



The travel times tool can be used to inform people about what areas lie within a certain travel time for a particular spot.

Use cases include: reducing city centre crowding by encouraging people to live outside the city, showing them good commuting locations

Example of what it would look like


  • Lead: Amsterdam
  • Support: Gent
  • Testing partners: -

Anyone is free to join this working group!


This Challenge Working Group needs to accomplish the following:

  • Define working group: Engage the right people in the discussion
  • Common architecture: Assess the available data and technical architecture of involved solution development partners, implementation opportunities in the Living Labs, and what would be reasonable architecture to deploy the solutions on. Template will be provided by the University of Bradford.
  • Research: Researches existing Open Source solutions or libraries that can be adapted and built on.
  • Commit: Ensure internal support in each partner to continue to the solution definition phase.

Once complete, this group will graduate to a solution working group.

Next steps

  • April 11: Complete the list of working group members (see below) before
  • April 16: Complete common architecture inventory
  • April 16-20: Working group teleconference for week of April
  • April 26: Update consortium on progress during teleconference
  • May 10: Complete research on existing solutions or libraries
  • May 24: Formal commitment from all partners to continue to solution definition phase

Working group members

City of Amsterdam

  • Problem owner: None yet
  • Product owner: None yet
  • Technical team members: None yet

Digipolis Ghent

  • Problem owner: None yet
  • Product owner: None yet
  • Technical team members: None yet

Testing partners

  • None yet

Other to do’s

Please keep this post updated. Everyone can edit this Wiki post.


Well be joining this working group!
The aim is to nudge and seduce people to live in the area of Amsterdam rather than in the overcrowded and overpriced city center, and inform people about possible locations.
Also, applications for mobility departments and economic affairs are possible.

Here’s an example app we can tweak if we have the API key.
Amsterdam is in the process of buying the key, and create a custom tool for our economic affairs department. Will be happy to do this with and for SCORE.


Some other applications / use cases

for travel planners

for economic affairs department

for housing seekers; third party integration of API

A beautifully designed version (without public transport);


Awesome! Could this perhaps also be used analyse the coverage of your public/fire/emergency services? (Ie. which regions are beyond X minutes reach of services, or helping to ensure that each community has a school within Y minutes cycling?)


Good idea for a use case Claus!



See screenshot Traveltime tool for accessibility Amsterdam with various transport modes.
Now checking the development process and groups involved with Tamas.

Gr Hugo


Similar tool - https://movares.nl/projecten/bereikbaarheidsmodel-verbindingswijzer/


Unfortunately it seems that the Movares solution is not open source but it looks very similar to what the current Travel Time Tool is doing. Nice!

Jacco Brouwer

Relatiemanager programma DataPunt

Onderzoek, Informatie en Statistiek

Gemeente Amsterdam

M 06 53 621 906


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Weesperstraat 117, 1018 VN Amsterdam


Verzonden: donderdag 14 februari 2019 13:00


Claus Mullie

February 14

Similar tool -

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