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Updates on communication based on the partner meeting in Bergen


Working table: Communication, Wednesday 23 October 10.30-11.15

The idea of the working table was to discuss the current status of the communication effort. We did not really make it into that discussion before it was clear that a lot of partners struggle with explaining what SCORE is all about. Based on the input we got during the working table it became also clear that a better internal communication would strengthen the external communication and make the storytelling about SCORE easier. The division between internal (WP1/4) and external communication (WP2) is of course a hurdle in this regard, but we came up with an idea that could strengthen both.

We would like to conduct interviews with each partner to get to know how they understand SCORE and what opportunities they see for their organisation. With this input we will hopefully be able to clarify and facilitate communication around the project. Aarhus University (Janne) will take the lead and conduct the interviews in the coming month(s).

The discussions will revolve around the following set of questions (more questions might be added during the conversation):

In your own words, can you tell me what SCORE is about?

  • What is your role ( or the role of your organisation ) in the project?
  • What have you learned so far?
  • What has changed in your organisation since the beginning of the project? For instance, staff with increased capacity (knowledge, skills, etc.), better coordination between the relevant departments of your organisation, improved local or regional governance.
  • What do you think is unique about SCORE? How would you compare it to other EU projects that you are involved in?
  • Is there any specific good practice or solution that you have got acquainted with?
    • If so, what actions do you foresee to implement it in your territory?
    • Which aspects are either facilitating or hindering the process? For instance, staff capacity, stakeholder engagement, timing, resources (technical requirements, financial resources, time available, etc.).
  • Are there any specific examples or anecdotes you would like to share with us?

We do not expect you to prepare your answers in advance. However, it is worth reflecting a bit on the questions to have a fair idea of what we will be talking about during the interview, while the input from the partner meeting in Bergen is still fresh. Based on your input we hope to identify patterns that can create the baseline for the “About SCORE” version 2.0 that will hopefully make it easier for everyone to explain what the project is about.

Janne will send out an email with proposed timeslots, so we can find a timeslot for everyone in the coming month(s). You can already now book your timeslot in the shared spreadsheet here.

Besides this, WP2 will continue working in the same way as in the past six months. This means that Janne will soon send out calendar invites for our monthly communication calls for the next six months. Reach out to Janne if you are not already on the mailing list and would like to be added and take part in the communication calls (every first Thursday of the month from 10-10.30).

Do you have any additional input @brynskov, @evdoxia.kouraki, @Justine, @timvanachte, @Boris, @claus, @Juliette?