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Urban Data Platform Cockpit


The Urban Data Hub Team in Hamburg developed an Urban Data Platform Cockpit (available in German and English). It evaluates and visualises the content and usage statistics of the “Urban Data Platform Hamburg”. You can e.g. find out how many datasets for a specific topic are available or browse the newest datasets published. By the way: The map component is the Masterportal API, a very slim version of the Masterportal.

Press release (German): https://www.hamburg.de/pressearchiv-fhh/14481628/2020-10-22-bsw-lgv-cockpit/


Hej Nicole. Is there a documentation on how this was setup and what datasets you started with and is being used most? any info would be interesting. Thanks. Have a great day. / kim


Hi Kim,

you find the UDP Cockpit in Bibucket:

We used several data sources as awstats, our metadata catalogue and https://iot.hamburg.de/v1.0/Datastreams?$count=true and created an Elastic Search Index. @tino.wunderlich will share the link with you.

I hope that helps.


Hey Kim,

below I provide you some sample queries.

URL of the index (only 10 hits): https://geodienste.hamburg.de/udh_dashboard/_search

URL to get the first 10,000 hits: https://geodienste.hamburg.de/udh_dashboard/_search?q=:&pretty&filter_path=hits.hits._source&size=10000 (There are currently around 700,000 objects in the index)

Search template (for the index) to get information on the datasets in November 2020 (including aggregations): https://geodienste.hamburg.de/udh_dashboard/_search/template?source={%22id%22:%22udpc_query%22,%22params%22:{%22theme%22:%22%22,%22org%22:%22%22,%22from%22:%222020-11%22,%22to%22:%222020-11%22,%22category%22:%22datasets%22}}&source_content_type=application/json

Please use a browser extension (e.g. Firefox --> JSON) to make the JSON-format comfortable to read.

Please let me/us know if you need more information! :slight_smile:

Greetings Tino