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Webinar recording: Introduction to Open Source for Cities


In this Webinar I’ve tried to explain what Open Source is and how well it is suited for the digital translation. It is 1,5 hours and you can watch it right here :slight_smile:



  • Open Source is an open collaboration
  • Everyone has own version, shares improvements
  • Not a vendor/customer relationship
    but a community of users/maintainers
  • Fit to help cities in their digital transformation
    • their activities are similar
    • they need control over their IT
  • Enabled by an ecosystem of tools such as
    • Version Control
    • Licences
    • Social Media
  • Many governments are already using or contributing

:framed_picture:Google Slides slides


I can’t seem to get it to play. Link to drive?


I pasted a link to the drive, but apparently something went horribly wrong. Have added the link now!