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WITS-DNP3 Protocol


Hi All
Back i my old job i was involved with but in 2006 it was a long way off but it seems to have happened. I think it is something we should look at. It sets a standard that most sensors now follow.


Really good point Will, we definitely need to be aware of industry standards, especially if the data and our solution is to be used in ‘critical’ applications.

Another that I’ve recently come across is MCERTS

“The scheme is built around proven International and European standards to ensure monitoring data is of a high standard”

Perhaps it might be useful, seeing as this is a European project, to compile a pan European overview of accreditations that meet the relevant EU standards?

Not the most exciting job but perhaps somebody should do it?
-any volunteers?? :roll_eyes:


This is intriguing :thinking:

“Lastly we are kicking-off a Gitlab project and will be inviting members of the WITS community to become involved in the WITS-IoT Testing Project. We want to build a free, open-source testing framework to allow vendors to test their WITS-IoT Masters and Field Devices.”