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Working group call 29/05 16.00 CET


Hi all,

Here some suggested discussion points for the call next week.

  • How will partners develop an overview of the (common) data sets? Will you use the survey provided by University of Bradford to document all your related data sets, or will there be a prior discussion to determine a specific subset of data to start with?

  • What data-related tools do you have/use for flood risk management? (although perhaps you already discussed this at the kick-off?)

  • What open source flood risk tools (models, dashboards, visualisation dashboards) have you identified?

  • What are the first steps to allowing a similar solution to work in all partner cities? Ie specifying common standards for your APIs or building a translator on top of the APIs?

Look forward to hearing from you then!


Hi all,

We had a call on Tuesday for the Flood and Drainage Work Group with Aberdeen, JSP, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, University of Bradford and Bradford City

General update

Aberdeen is working internally to connect all the relevant data sets they have, wants to learn more about defining a standardised data structure/model for these.

Bradford City is currently investigating devices and sensors they can use to supplement the data they already have, as well as researching open source visualisation and modelling software (eg Centaur)

Bradford University has identified 8-12 parameters for flood risk management, has received 15 data sets from partners, and will start evaluating these + look into building a dashboard. Hiring PhD student in September to work on this.

JSP and Gothenburg city are keen to participate in this challenge, catching up, will start sharing their data sets and modelling work.

Amsterdam is in discussion with Waternet to define a particular use case for an application.

Next steps:

  1. Partners will share additional information on:
  • sensors they are looking at
  • data structure/models for interoperability
  • open source visualisation & modelling software to build on
  • particular use cases or problems they want to solve with new data driven applications
  1. Partners will continue filling in dataset & architecture survey provided by University of Bradford
  2. Working group would benefit from more fluid partner communication through calls/community to identify commonalities

Once this research phase is complete partners can move to the solution definition phase.