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WP 4/5 Break-away for solution working groups



@Boris @Hugo duting our last call we agreed that during the break-away session we will explore collaboration methods by imagining a SCORE projects lifecycle. We suggested to divide in 6 diverse groups. I have made a suggestion for the groups below. Hope I did not miss someone!

Have you developed any draft template that each group will use during the break-away? Can you share it with me ?

  • Group 1: Boris van Hoytena, Ture Gjørup, Joe Ritchings, Henning David, Hans Fraiponts, Stevan Rudinac
  • Group 2: Maria Ådahl, Berent Daan, Mikkel Folke Olsen, Chris Eaton, Christoph Raetzsch, Sebastiaan van Herk
  • Group 3: Tove Arnsvik, Tamas Erkelens, Susan Fraser, Krist Poffyn, Martin Brynskov, Marcel Worring
  • Group 4: Kim Lantto, Are Børjesson, Sydney Simpson, Sabine Hilfert, Delannoy Martine, Claus Mullie,
  • Group 5: Hugo Niesing, Michelle Bach Lindstrøm, Adrian Walker, Nicole Schubbe, Dhaval Thakker,
  • Group 6: Eva Kouraki, Marjolein Debets, Rebecca McCrum, Thimo Thoeye, Adriënne Heijnen, Adrian Walker



Nice! ps: @JoranVD it would be good to have it planned to this level of depth for WP3 break aways too


Thanks so much for creating these groups. I’m still struggling a bit about the ask for the break-away, the structure of the process is clear though for now.

This is the process and it stands:


I’m thinking the following for the break-out:

  • each group picks a Challenge from the WP3 workshop (5 min per group plenary) to sketch a hypthetical solution lifecycle
  • for phase 2-7 write down on post it’s what their partner could provide as resources, whether they are human, ideas, data or something else (15 min per group individually)
  • The group presents their inputs to each other per phase (20 minutes per group plenary) and provides new post-its for resources that they discover they can offer when working together
  • Every group presents their process to the whole (15 minutes plenary)

@evdoxia.kouraki Do you think this would cover what we need to be covered?


Also, I think it will be a good idea if I stay roaming for this exercise, in case someone has questions.


Your plan seems logical to me!

As we have discussed, overall aim with this break-away is to explore collaboration methods by considering the SCORE lifecycle. For JohannebergSP, we would like the results of this break away to be used as a base for building an integration and demonstration plan for testing solutions in Living Labs.

I think it would be helpful to add an example under its lifecycle phase so that participants can understand what kind of information we expect from them.

I really like that on the first part we ask each group to write down the resources they need from their partners. And then, ask the participants to write down the resources they could provide by working together.