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WP4 Activity 4.1 Overview data availability


Hello @dhaval,

How are you progressing with the inventory ?
I was talking with @Boris and It thought it would be good to make a 4.1 Topic.
We are working on the inventory of the Amsterdam challenges, maybe we can merge the findings in an overview document. What do you think about that idea?
Let’s see how we can help each other with this.


Hi @h.niesing yes, excellent idea. We are working on creating a template for data inventory. We are going to get it ready by 31st March. We shall ask all the partners to provide data in the template so yes, the data you are already collecting is very helpful.
At the same time, we will provide a template for architecture/infrastructure inventory too for collecting information about this.
Once the data comes back, we shall analyse it collectively in April and share findings in May as we originally planned.
Many Thanks