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Your input is requested 1/2: Data Inventory for ‘The impact of events on mobility’ work group solution(s)


Dear work group members @turegjorup @michelle @HD_Hamburg @maria @adrian

Your valuable input is requested to this data inventory form for the ‘The impact of events on mobility’ working group solution(s) you are currently working on. The form is designed with three central aims:

aim 1) to help you to think about the open datasets that can help to solve or enrich the solution you are currently working on as part of ‘The impact of events on mobility’ work group; this should also help you to scope what you are providing as part of this form, if a dataset is relevant for your current solution, it will be good to have it’s details submitted via this form and

aim 2) to collect information about these datasets, many of these datasets could be in transnational context, and it should help everyone if findings are shared

aim 3) to evaluate open data maturity in your existing solutions and datasets, and to be able to track the trajectory of improvements in processes towards better flavours of open data. In this regards, how we have come up with these questions for the inventory is explained in the introductory text of the form.

Please note that you need to fill in this form for all your datasets. For example, if you have or are aware of five datasets that you plan to use or have used in your solutions, you need to fill in this form five times.

The link to the form is :

A sample input is provided here (82.5 KB)
to give you an idea of what sort of details will be good for us to have.

If there are any questions, please drop them here so everyone can also benefit.

We will appreciate if you can provide your input by 15th of May 2018.

Best regards
Dhaval & UoB SCORE team