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Your Input is requested: 2/2. Infrastructure/Architecture Inventory for Travel Time work group solution


Dear work group members @h.niesing @HansF @pjppauwels

Your valuable input is requested to this infrastructure inventory form for the working group solution(s) you are currently working on for the travel time application.

Please note: This data collection exercise is only applicable if/when:
A: You already have an existing smart city solution in place in your organisation which could be before SCORE project
B: you have some idea about what exactly and how you are going to develop the solution you are currently working on as part of this work group

In case of A: Please go ahead and fill in the form now.
In case of B: Please wait till it is clear what and how you will develop your solution.

It will be very helpful for us if you can let us know asap by commenting below if your case falls under A/B as described above.

The form is available here.

Dhaval & UoB SCORE team